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Best Nintendo Switch Accessories for 2024

Whether you just found a killer
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or have had you console for a while, it never hurts to add buy a few essential accessories to make the most of your new
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. We’ve got you covered with all of the best Nintendo Switch accessories in 2024 worth a look.
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, or just check the list below:

TL;DR – These are the Best Nintendo Switch Accessories:​

Whether you want a better experience with it in your hands, on the go, or connected to your TV, these accessories will expand either the life of your Switch or your quality of life when using it. Beyond the traditional Switch, many of these accessories will work on the
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or even the
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, though we have a guide dedicated to the
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– and
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Note: We don't yet know if these accessories will be compatible with the
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that's expexted to arrive in 2024.

The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories​

1. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller​

Best Switch Controller​

The small thumbsticks and triggers available on Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con controllers can be a pain, so unless you're gaming exclusively on the go, you owe it to yourself to play with something bigger and better. The
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is a welcome solution. This gamepad offers all the controls you need for a Nintendo Switch with a familiar and far more ergonomic design.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller works wireless and can charge using a USB-C cable. Boasting a 40-hour battery life, you’re all set for an all-day gaming marathon. The larger, easier-to-use controls and real D-pad provide undeniable improvement to your gameplay, while HD Rumble should immerse you further into the action. It even supports Amiibo with its NFC chip. Best of all, this controller should last the duration of your Switch's life cycle, making it a very sound investment.

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2. amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector​

Best Nintendo Switch Screen Protector​

If you spend far too much time in a state of panic when you accidentally drop your Nintendo Switch, maybe it's time to make a tiny investment in a screen protector. The amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector goes right over your Nintendo Switch's display, keeping it safe and giving you a little peace of mind when the device starts to slip from your grasp.

The screen protector is built to take the brunt of an impact, so you don't have to live with your Switch permanently in docked mode. At under ten bucks for a two-pack and an installation kit, it’s hard to come up with an excuse not to buy this. A cracked display on a Nintendo Switch will set you back a lot more than this economical solution, and the device's touchscreen capabilities and screen clarity remain the same.

3. RDS Carry Case​

Best Nintendo Switch Case​

When taking your Switch on the go, you want a hardy case to protect it from the elements, possible scratches, and the inevitable drop. The RDS Carry Case does just that, thanks to its hard-shelled exterior and fitted linen interior with a padded screen protector. There’s even a handy rubber handle to make toting it around easy.

Beyond that, inside the case is a pair of hard clamshell cases for games that slot into a recessed panel, while a small attached zipper pocket provides a place to store cables or even more games. There's a built-in adjustable stand, too, which makes for easy playing or viewing on the go. If you’ve got the Switch Lite or OLED, those devices can also fit comfortably in this case.

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4. SanDisk 128GB Ultra​

Best Nintendo Switch Memory Card​

Unless you're comfortable carrying around a bunch of game cartridges, you’ll want your favorite games installed directly on your Nintendo Switch. However, there's a little hitch in that plan, given how little storage the Switch actually has for games. So, it's worth it to pony up for a microSD card, especially if you're going to pick up a ton of
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. It can dramatically increase the storage capacity for your Nintendo Switch and do it for an affordable price.

The SanDisk 128GB Ultra drive hits a sweet spot. You can pick it up for under $20, which means it's cheaper than even a so-so controller but provides serious utility. That 128GB offers plenty of room for games, and you can always grab another later if you end up needing more room for your game library. With 120MB/s read speeds, the card ensures you don't run into painfully slow loading times for games stored on it. SanDisk also backs it up with a 10-year warranty, which should be more than enough time for Nintendo to launch its next console.

5. CRKD Nitro Deck​

Best Switch Deck​

Don’t love the Switch’s traditional Joy-Cons? Well, the
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upgrades the controllers and offers a slew of other features to make your gaming experience on the device even better. Rather than attaching Joy-Cons to either side of the Switch, the Nitro Deck lets you slide the screen into it, connecting via USB-C, providing a sturdy, secure, and more comfortable-to-hold option. It is noticeably heftier than the Joy-Cons, but the weight is distributed evenly.

However, the quality controls will be the main reason you grab the Nitro Deck. There are Hall effect thumbsticks, so you can say goodbye to that pesky drift that plagues the Joy-Cons. All the rest of Switch's traditional controls are accounted for with clicky buttons and a good amount of tension in the D-pad, while the four shoulder buttons are longer with more travel. You also get four programmable back buttons, which, beyond shooters, we found handy in
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6. Satisfye ZenGrip Pro​

Best Nintendo Switch Grips​

The Nintendo Switch's almost entirely flat form-factor can be a pain to hold, literally, and the small size of the Joy-Cons also isn't fun for users with large hands. The
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helps prevent your hands from cramping up and provides a more ergonomic hold on the console, making you a lot more comfortable during your gaming marathons.

The Satisfye ZenGrip Pro is all about giving your hands a pair of simple, grips to hold onto. With them, your fingers and thumb can properly wrap around rather than dig in at the bottom of the Joy-Cons. The handles are diagonally arranged, so your wrists sit at a more natural angle, while the plastic frame can also act as a stand. It even features silicone tabs to prevent the Switch from getting scratched. The only real fault with this grip is it makes your device a bit less portable when attached. Though, if you're looking to add a little extra comfort to your Switch gameplay, the Satisfye ZenGrip Pro is a good place to start.

7. Hori Split Pad Pro​

Better Joy-Cons​

The joy-cons your Switch comes with are great, but sometimes you want a better grip and larger controls. With the
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, you get just that, plus some convenient extras. Everything on this controller is scaled up. You get a bigger, textured grip to help distribute weight better, and in turn, makes your Switch more comfortable to hold even during your longest gaming sessions. You’ll find the larger analog sticks, triggers, and D-pad provides more accuracy in your games and decreases cramping when pulling off combos. Unfortunately, there is no motion control, rumble, or NFC reader on this joy-con alternative.

On top of experiencing a full-size controller in handheld mode on the Hori Split Pad Pro, you also get the option to use the joy-cons as a separate wired controller. With this Split Pad Pro Attachment Set, you dock each one in and get a quality standard controller. You even get a mic input for gaming audio and voice chat. Two additional rear paddles are also included, which can be remapped, but only the right-side buttons can be mapped to the right rear paddle, and vice versa.

8. HyperDrive 60W Switch Dock​

Best Nintendo Switch Portable Dock​

The Nintendo Switch is probably the most portable gaming console you can find, but that dang dock is not. It's big, bulky, and prone to damage. This makes it tough to bring your Switch from place to place while retaining the ability to enjoy it on a bigger screen. The HyperDrive 60W Switch Dock solves this and delivers a few extras to make it worth your while.

The HyperDrive 60W Switch Dock is a little brick — think the size of a modest power bank or deck of cards — but it has the connectors to wire up your Switch over USB-C. It then transfers the video signal out over its 4K/60Hz HDR-capable HDMI connection and simultaneously charges the Switch. There’s an additional USB-A port available to power and connect peripherals as well. A second USB-C port is even capable of 45W charging speeds, which is enough to handle some laptops.

9. Nintendo Joy-Con Wheel​

Best Nintendo Switch Steering Wheel​

It’s nowhere near the control you get with a full-blown
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, but the Joy-Con Wheel gives you a more hands-on approach to
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and other racing games. This affordable device — under $30 for a two-pack — is perfect if your Switch is often being played by younger gamers looking for a more immersive experience.

You and a friend can get right to the track with the Joy-Con Wheel, as it’s simple to slot in each joy-con. There’s no wiring or batteries needed, while the much more ergonomic hold should make gameplay far more enjoyable. The plastic build also holds up surprisingly well, so these little wheels should last as long as your Switch.

10. 8BitDo Arcade Stick​

Best Nintendo Switch Fight Stick​

Want more precise control for fighting games? Using a fight stick helps you dominate your competition, and the
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has you covered when it comes to the Switch. It features the typical joystick and the eight buttons found on most fight sticks, but it also offers two additional macro buttons. A simple switch lets you change the function of the joystick to serve as the left thumbstick, right thumbstick, or D-Pad. And, if you want to mod it, it's compatible with other arcade parts, including Sanwa's. Pulling off combos and different attacks will be a breeze with this controller.

The 8BitDo Arcade Stick connects to your Switch over Bluetooth, USB-C, or a 2.5GHz wireless receiver, giving you plenty of options for how you get playing, so you can easily use it at home or on the go. As a bonus, it connects to a PC, too. The fight stick’s look and feel should take you back in time to a less complicated life and much simpler games, but all the modern features will make you happy with the investment.

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for fighting games.

11. Instax Mini Link​

Best Nintendo Switch Printer​

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doesn’t just enhance the capabilities of the Nintendo Switch but expands them, in a sense. This device is for the Nintendo fan who wants to have a physical copy of the memories they’ve made in games using the Switch’s screenshot feature. The Instax Mini Link then turns those screenshots into Polaroid-style film photos.

The Instax Mini Link holds film cartridges, connects to your phone wirelessly — it doesn’t connect directly to the Switch — and provides an app to edit your photos to get the framing just right. On a single charge, the printer can put out 100 prints. Now, your safaris in
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will feel that much more real as you take pictures that turn into real, physical photos. And, if you’re a hardcore Pokemon fan, you can get a special edition of the Instax Mini Link that includes an adorable Pikachu sleeve for the printer. The Instax Mini Link also prints out any photos from your
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. Just choose your pictures wisely, as film prices are not cheap these days.

12. HyperX ChargePlay Quad 2​

Best Joy-Con Charger​

The way Nintendo designed the Joy-Cons to charge when connected to the Switch was ingenious. But, if you're hosting a big Mario Party or Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament, this becomes a huge headache. These are the exact scenarios that call for a dedicated Joy-Con charger, like the HyperX ChargePlay Quad 2. Rather than just being able to juice up only two Joy-Cons with your Nintendo Switch, you can charge up to four simultaneously.

HyperX ChargePlay Quad allows each Joy-Con to slide easily into the sturdy base, and indicator lights let you know when they're all charged up. The long USB-C cord for power means you can keep the charging station close. It also makes it easy to hot-swap controllers, so you barely miss a moment of a game’s action. The Pokeball look also adds to the charger's aesthetic.

13. mClassic​

Best Nintendo Switch Upscaler​

Nintendo isn’t known for chasing the most stunning graphics despite how beautiful its games end up being. Sharp-eyed gamers are likely to spot some jagged edges here and there, and the Switch could benefit from some extra anti-aliasing. Its resolution limit can also result in a blurrier experience when you pair it with a higher-res display. Enter the mClassic adapter. This unit sits between your Nintendo Switch and display, connecting via HDMI, and adds a bit of post-processing magic to your video feed.

The mClassic upscales gameplay to a higher resolution, applies extra anti-aliasing to smooth out pixelation and jaggies, and can add depth of field effects and image sharpening. It performs this processing with negligible lag, too, so you can continue to tackle even the hardest games. The mClassic is also particularly handy for retro games on consoles like Nintendo 64, where you want to see smoother visuals, but you can apply it to anything coming out of the Switch. There’s even a special 4K upscaler mode to enhance 1080p video content.

Where to Get the Best Nintendo Switch Accessories in the UK​

Best Switch Accessories FAQ​

Which Nintendo Switch Accessories Should You Buy First in 2024?​

There are a lot of different Switch accessories you can buy, but if you've just purchased the console, there are a few things you should get first. The most essential accessories are a carrying case, an SD card, and a screen protector. These items will allow ou to protect your Switch and also download more games to the console. You may also want to look into getting a more comfortable Pro controller or a nicer set of Joy-Cons since the base set are not very ergonomic for long-term gameplay.

Should You Buy Third-Party Switch Accessories?​

One of the main issues with buying any of official Nintendo Switch accessories is that they tend to be pretty spendy. This has led to a lot of third-party sellers offering cheaper alternatives to things like Joy-Cons and charging docks. While some third-party options work fine with the console, it can get pretty dicey when it comes to connecting something cheap to your Switch. Your best bet is to buy third-party accessories when connectivity isn't directly involved, but you can also check reviews outside of Amazon before you buy anything to make sure it won't cause problems.

What Normally Comes With a Nintendo Switch?​

When you purchase the Switch, it offers all the accessories you need to get gaming.

The original 6.2-inch LCD touchscreen console comes with an AC adapter for power, while a Nintendo Switch dock and HDMI are included for displaying your games on your
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. Beyond that, there are left and right Joy-Cons, along with straps for individual Joy-Con use and a grip for using the two controllers together detached from the gaming device.

With the seven-inch OLED model, you get all the same accessories as the original, but there’s a LAN port on the Switch dock for a wired internet connection.

As for the Switch Lite, it’s also light on accessories. There’s no dock or HDMI, as you can’t connect it to your TV. The Joy-Cons are also not detachable, so you’ll only find the console and USB-C charger in the box.

Kevin Lee is IGN's SEO Updates Editor. Follow him on Twitter
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Danielle Abraham is a freelance writer and unpaid music historian.

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