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Bethesda Outlines 2024 Plans For Starfield Including Expanded Ship Customization And More

Bethesda Starfield 2024 Plans Ship Customization Gameplay Settings

Earlier this month, developer Bethesda Game Studios revealed on the Starfield subreddit that
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for the game. Now, the company has expanded on its 2024 plans for Starfield in a new
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, including additional ship customization.

"We'll be adding new ways to travel and you'll now be able to access city maps while exploring the major cities," the update reads. "For those who love ship building, we'll also be expanding on ship customization with ship decorations, new ship building options, and more.

"We're also excited to be adding all new gameplay options. With these new settings, you'll be able to alter your gameplay to allow for an easier or more challenging experience that will expand beyond our normal 'difficulty' setting. These will also you to easily customize carry capacity, cargo access distance, ship damage, vendor credits, how you suffer afflictions, new survival mechanics, and more."

Bethesda says these updates will begin rolling out in February, with the team targeting updates roughly every six weeks.

After the launch of ship customization and new gameplay options, Bethesda says official mod support is next with the launch of Creations. "Beginning early next year, Starfield will be getting its own exporter and you'll have access to a new Creation Kit," the update reads.

The update ends with Bethesda teasing Starfield's first expansion, Shattered Space, which is due out next year. It will feature new story content, new locations, new gear, and more.

Elsewhere in the update, Bethesda shared some interesting statistics about Starfield players in 2023 so far:

  • 22,284,331 days played so far across all players
  • 40 hours is the average playtime per player
  • 26,027,845 hours spent building ships
  • 1,972,345, 902 planets visited
  • 4,575,290 outposts visited
  • The most dangerous faction is Ecliptic, racking up 12,276,466 deaths
  • The most dangerous lifeform is Ashta, racking up 1,712,447 deaths
  • The Battlemeal Multipack is players' favorite meal (eaten 18,395,892 times)
  • The Combatech Beowulf is players' most trusted weapon (595,023,360 kills)
  • 1,631,993 Starborn players
  • The most used power is Sense Star Stuff
  • 5,178,133 players have crossed the Unity

For more about the game, read
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and then read about how
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. After that, check out this story about how
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, and then read about
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What feature are you looking forward to most for Starfield in 2024? Let us know in the comments below!

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