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Console GTA V Glitches Casino OFF The Radar Glitch New Workaround


QSG Apprentice
Dec 10, 2023
16d 10h 9m
Casino OFF The Radar New Improved Workaround

Improved Easy Glitch To buy casino Clothes for cash instead of money & also Usable for Facility Give Cars To Friends

Requirements :


-Apartment Lester Heist Invite
-Facility Lester Heist Invite
-Anawack Account
-Assisted Aim Invite Only session

Steps :

-Spawn in assisted aim invite only session with your friend then Register as CEO or MC to receive Both Lester Invites

-Now Approach to the circle at the Casino main entrance door then Join someone in different target mode or Join anawack account in Different Target Mode ( You need to join anawack few times and cancel alerts )

-Join anawack and when you see Getting online session details at the bottom right corner , Tell your friend to shoot you in the head ( When You get the alert just decline it ) , After that Ho to the entrance of the casino and Spam X on PS or A on Xbox

-Now after the black screen , you will be kicked outside with black mini map ( Pull up the phone and accept lester heist invite to the Facility ) , You will be stucked or frozen in the loading screen for 1-2 minutes

-Now You will see yourself falling off the map ( This means you hit it Correctly & Ready For Facility Give Cars To Friends )

Done ✅

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Alternative method For Casino OFF The Radar :

You can Buy Casino 🎰 Clothes with Money Instead of Chips or to Glitch Out For GCTF

Requirements :

-2 Players Or Second Console
-Facility Heist Invite
-Apartment Heist Invite
-Anawack depends on your Platform
-You Need To Be In A Different Targeting Mode Than Anawack

Steps :

-Head over to the casino then bring up interaction menu up and hover over front door ( You Need to Join anawack , as soon as you see the getting gta online session details you will tell ur friend to ewo you ) if done correctly you will be able to walk while in the wasted screen

-While in the animation screen, after you want to position yourself good with the front door of the casino circle and don't press X or A , let the bar get full by its self ( if done correctly you will spawn outside with mini-map OTR )

-Now you need to join the facility heist setup ( if
done correctly ,you will wait for about 2 min on the loading screen ) after that you will fall under map

-If you did not fall under map , Just join your 2nd regular apartment heist setup then leave ur apartment

You are OFF The Radar & You can Buy Casino 🎰 Clothes with Money Instead of Chips & also Usable for Facility Give Cars To Friends

Done ✅

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