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Console Common console commands


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Dec 16, 2023
14h 31m
How do I spawn custom recycler locations?
I believe this can all be done from g-portal console or the in-game console.(Please reply below if i am wrong)
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How do I change the furnace cooking speed?
craft.itemcookspeedmultiplier "scale"
the "scale" can either be 1,2,3 the higher the number the faster it will cook (max is 3).​

How can I change how much the furnace outputs/gives?
craft.furnaceoutputmultiplier "scale"
"scale" can be 1,2,3 the higher the number the more yield you receive (max is 3).​

How do I remove a players permissions (admin,moderator,etc)
global.removemoderator "playerid"
global.removeadmin "playerid"

How do I ban or unban a player?
global.banid "player id"
global.unban "player id"

How do i stop spawned items from showing up in chat?
global.broadcastadmincommands "0,1"
0 is off and 1 is on​

How do i post a message to the server?
global.say "Type your message to be sent to server here"

How do I make it always day/night?
env.progresstime "0/1"
0 is to freeze time 1 is to progress time.​

How to i toggle infinite ammo/unlimited clip?
baseprojectile.infiniteammo "0/1"
0 is limited and 1 is unlimited​

How do i find out who owns a base?
ent who
Ent info
any one of those three will work however you have to be standing pretty close to the building and look directly at it.​

How do i destroy a players building?
construct.nukebuilding "building id"
entity.deleteby "player id"
ent destroybuilding
the "building id" can be found by typing the ent info command
if you do deleteby command it will delete EVERY single thing the player as ever placed on the map.
for destroy building you have to be standing close to it and looking directly at the building.​

How do i set chinook crate location?
dropcrate.heli_setdropzone "monument"

How do i call a supply drop to a random location?

How do I start a specific event?
events.triggerevent "event"
your options for "event" are - event_airdrop | event_cargoheli | event_cargoship | event_helicopter​

How do i see whos sleeping?

How do I put a player to sleep?
relationshipmanager.sleeptoggleother "player id"

How do I injure a player?
global.injure "player id"

How do I hide my admin or moderator status on player list?
global.nogreen "0/1"
0 is off 1 is on​
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