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Console Update/Patch DEV BLOG #26

Hey there, survivors! Welcome back to another Dev Blog update. This time around, we've got a slightly shorter one for you. We're currently in that exciting phase between content updates where our team is hard at work preparing all the new features for testing. So, bear with us as we gear up for the next big thing!
Meanwhile, we would like to thank everyone for the huge support for
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. I hope you're all still having a blast diving into the action with the new weapons and exploring the Military Tunnels! The dev team worked extremely hard to make sure the update had as many exciting features as possible, so it's seriously awesome to see how much you're enjoying it! Trust us, your enthusiasm fuels our excitement, and we're stoked to keep delivering more epic updates down the line.
Speaking of updates, our next one should be ready to be tested in the near future. That's right, if you want to know what's coming next, be sure to keep an eye on the
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as we plan to start testing the update at the end of April! I don't want to ruin the surprise of what's to come, but let's just say that this update will open the doors for a lot of underwater exploration🐠


You're probably wondering what's in store for this upcoming wipe, and with it we have the release of update 1.91 and the start of the Easter Event! This update brings a slew of bug fixes, some nice improvements for community servers, as well as new tools to enhance the experience of Community Server owners. One of the exciting new features introduced is a new Admin tool. This tool provides server admins with a new window displaying crucial details such as who placed an item and how long it has been there, facilitating the enforcement of stricter rules. Moreover, another notable addition is the customizable community server welcome screen, empowering community owners to effectively explain in a short description, what their server is all about.
This is just a highlight of some of the features coming with 1.91. If you are curious about all the new additions, then be sure to visit our website tomorrow, March 28th. We will release the patch notes one hour before the update, at 6pm UTC. Alternatively you can also keep an eye on our
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The Easter Event will go live with the monthly wipe! For those of you who are not yet familiar with it, the RUST Egg Hunt will have you collecting eggs every 24 to 38 in game hours, and the top players will get special rewards. You can upgrade the eggs you get from the Egg Hunt to bronze, silver or gold, and crack them open for awesome in-game rewards!
Quick heads up: The event will only be available on official servers. This is the last event where we plan for this to happen, but after testing, these events are still having a huge impact on the performance of community servers, causing players to crash. Future events are planned to be available for community servers.
And to finish up Easter, we have the release of brand new themed skin sets like the Easter Gifts boxes and the Rabbits Revenge veteran pack.

One last note before we end this month's Dev Blog. In case you missed the announcement, our partners at GPORTAL now have more server regions available for server renting. Please keep an eye on their website for up to date information.
That's all that we have for this month. Don't forget to follow us on Social Media to keep up with the latest update for RUST Console Edition, or join our Discord to find a group of likeminded survivors to interact and maybe even play with!

- See you on the island.

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