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Disney Lorcana Announces World Championship

Game publisher Ravensburger announced new details about upcoming competitive events for the popular Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game, including the first-ever World Championship in 2025.

“As we move into 2024, we will continue to support our growing and diverse community through new discoveries for collectors, organized play and competitive events for players and new products that help beginning fans take their first steps into trading card games,” said Ravensbuger’s Global Head of Games Filip Francke in a press release. “We’re only just getting started, but consumer feedback and industry data supports our belief that this game will be around for a very long time.”

Lorcana launched in September 2023 with a hobby store program but no official competitive events. The highly-anticipated competitive circuit begins in May 2024 for North America and Europe. There will be regional-level tournaments called Disney Lorcana Challenges, where the top four competitors earn invites to the North American or European Championship, respectively. The North American and European Championships will be held in Q4 2024. Top players from those Championships will earn invites to the World Championship 2025. Even though the Disney Lorcana World Championship is invite-only, there will be a larger competition open to other players at the event.

Ravensburger promised details on event dates, prizing, and more in March 2024.

In the meantime, there will be new competitive events for the local scene called Set Championships. The first of these will be the Into the Inklands Championship, named after the upcoming set releasing in February. These organized play events are hosted by local hobby stores and award a new Enchanted Stitch – Rock Star Promo card as the first place prize, with the first and second place players receiving a playmat also featuring Stitch – Rock Star (both prizes shown below). Details on how stores can host these events will be announced in late February 2024.

In other Lorcana news, a new product designed to teach beginners the game was announced called Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway. It’s a two-player game that starts both players out with basic 30-card decks and then progressively adds different card types and mechanics until they have a full 60-card deck. Expect Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway to hit stores August 9, 2024 with a retail price of $24.99.

Ravensburger also unveiled the release dates for 2024’s four expansions.

Into the Inklands will be released in hobby shops and Disney parks February 23, 2024, with mass retail stores and shopDisney getting it on March 8, 2024. Into the Inklands is the third set of Disney Lorcana.

The next three sets of the year haven’t had their titles revealed yet, but the release dates will be as follows:

  • Disney Lorcana Set 4: May 17, 2024/May 31, 2024
  • Disney Lorcana Set 5: August 9, 2024/August 23, 2024
  • Disney Lorcana Set 6: November 15, 2024/November 29, 2024

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, as well as an
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