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Dragon's Dogma 2 Players Discover Working Catapults That Sometimes Break Open Secret Areas

Dragon's Dogma 2 is simply enormous, and players are still discovering wild secrets days after launch, such as a terrifying Pawn plague that
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. But on the slightly goofier side, the community has recently figured out how to use the numerous catapults scattered around the world, and some of them are useful for revealing secret areas.

Just today,
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shared a clip where they used a catapult in Dragon's Dogma 2 to successfully tear down a massive rock wall and unlock a new path far in the distance. Their clip has gone viral, likely because it's not immediately obvious that catapults are usable and Dragon's Dogma 2 doesn't tutorial them in any way. You have to find a working one in the world (many are broken), pick up a rock nearby, heave it over, and set it gently down for a small cutscene where the catapult flings the rock away. Your Pawns will then reset the catapult for you so you can give it another shot.

Curious, I went to try this myself, and unfortunately, catapults are not a surefire sign of hidden paths. One catapult I tried five or six times didn't yield anything - it just sent a rock flying into a distant wall. And when I went to try the same catapult Peppo_LS used, it took 2-3 tries before it opened the same pathway. So if you're catapulting your way to secrets in Dragon's Dogma 2, you might need to be persistent, and not every siege weapon is a guaranteed secret.

That said, catapults are not the only piece of siege weaponry you can get a little silly with. On my way to explore the hidden path I'd just unlocked, I found some working ballistas just sitting there. And wouldn't you know it, there was a prime target directly within range.


The moral of the story? Experiment with everything you find in Dragon's Dogma 2. If catapults are not only functional but also useful for uncovering hidden paths, who knows what other mechanisms might be useful for players as they explore?

We're having a blast with Dragon's Dogma 2 so far. We called it "a strange and wonderful action-RPG that bolsters the original's strengths without addressing its weaknesses"
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. And we've since been hard at work fleshing out our
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to everything in the game, including an
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with Golden Trove Beetle locations, Seeker's Tokens, and more.

Rebekah Valentine is a senior reporter for IGN. Got a story tip? Send it to [email protected].

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