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Elgato HD60 X


QSG Apprentice
Dec 10, 2023
16d 3h 57m
I recently went out and purchased a Elgato HD60X and i wasn't impressed, let me take you down adventure lane.

After many days of going back and fourth of weather I wanted to get a capture card or not, I started researching into some of the capture cards on the market. As i was researching I came across 3 popular types of capture cards.
One being the Elgato HD60 X another one being Elgato 4k60 Pro and the last one being AverMedia Live Gamer Ultra 2.1, now lets take a step back for a second and i will explain what i game on and what I'm looking for.
I play on a Xbox Series X at 4K UHD 120FPS, I was looking for a card that would passthrough 4kUHD at 120fps, however the only card that does that is AverMedia but I couldn't find it in stock close by so I decided to do some more research into the HD60 X as it was in a store near me. The HD60 X will passthrough 4kUHD 60fps so i started thinking well will i really even notice a 60 fps difference? (We will touch base on this later) The Elgato 4k60 Pro was already not an option as my pc is not near my console and the HDMI's would not be long enough. I looked a little more into the AverMedia and it had all the features I wanted but I had read multiple reviews that customers had issues setting it up, so needless to say I steered towards the HD60 X. Fast forward a few days I went out and bought the HD60 X, now let me tell you the setup on this thing was no where near as easy as they say. I had issues with the software from the first minute I plugged it in. At first I couldn't get the software to recognize my mic but my computer was seeing it, after that I found out if you play in 4kUHD you can only play in 60fps and to add insult to injury Playing in 4kUHD will only let you output a 1080p 60fps video. My main resolution goal when I was looking at recording was 1440p 60fps as I have no need for 4k Recording, however I would like to play in 4kUHD 120fps. The other issue I had was everytime I would record something it wouldnt save my files, I read a post that said change your video encoder. After hours of trying and not getting the recordings to save I just gave up. So lets jump back to "will I even notice a 60 fps difference?" the answer is yes if you have played on 120fps for a while and you are used to it. I hopped in a MW3 multiplayer and the first thing i noticed playing at 60fps was the stick delay, it seems like no matter how hard I tried to combat it or try to get used to it I just couldn't. I mean I couldn't even get my crosshairs on an enemy. At 60fps you could notice that the game didn't play anywhere near as fluid you could even seen screen tearing. So to make a long story short it just was not playable to me so I boxed it up and returned it and I will be giving the Aver Media a shot next, stay tuned for a review on that.
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