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Microsoft Criticised for Xbox Auto-Upload Stance Following Baldur’s Gate 3 Nudity Bans

Microsoft has suggested Xbox players turn off auto-upload when “sensitive content” is being captured after some
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players were banned after captured sex scenes were automatically uploaded to the Xbox network.

Following the release of Larian Studios’s sprawling Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game on Xbox in December 2023, some players found they had received bans for what looked like uploading nudity. Of course, Baldur’s Gate 3 does contain nudity, particularly in its many sex scenes (
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addressing the growing issue: "To provide clarity on Baldur's Gate 3 mature content enforcement actions, Xbox account suspensions are not automatic. Each clip is reviewed by a moderator and, if found in violation of our safety and content policies, actioned accordingly.

“Our team evaluates appeals and can reverse suspensions if action was taken in error. If this was a first offense, for example, we will remove the suspension and let players know why it happened and how to avoid future issues (e.g. how to turn off auto-upload when sensitive content is being captured).”

Microsoft then provided
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for more information on how to turn off auto-upload.

The situation with Baldur’s Gate 3 has shone a light on the Xbox's auto-upload of captures setting, and the rights and wrongs of Microsoft’s decision to have it turned on by default. There is a feeling from some that Microsoft should do more here than simply advising its customers that they turn off auto-upload to avoid a potential ban.

“Just checking,” said one social media user in response. “This is from a game you allow to be bought and played on your console, correct? And you are suspending accounts for having auto-uploaded content from a setting that is turned on by default? Better yet, you're suspending anyone at all for content in such game?”

“Nobody should be getting suspended,” said another social media user. “Instead, users who block M-rated games in their family settings should not see any clips from any M-rated games. Shouldn't be any more complicated than that.”

“Every console should come with auto upload off and a warning should a user turn it on that it may result in suspension,” said another. “Insane that a shot from a game on Xbox, uploaded to Xbox network can result in a ban to an Xbox user.”

Baldur’s Gate 3 has endured something of a rocky launch on Xbox. Today, January 9, Larian boss Swen Vincke
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Microsoft had found the firmware issue that could cause Xbox save games to go missing, with a fix incoming. “In the end, all will be well,” Vincke added.

Despite these issues, Baldur’s Gate 3 has enjoyed
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and commercial acclaim since its launch last year.
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, and
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Wesley is the UK News Editor for IGN. Find him on Twitter at @wyp100. You can reach Wesley at [email protected] or confidentially at [email protected].

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