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BO2 Mob of the dead easter egg(Pop goes the weasel)


QSG Apprentice
Dec 10, 2023
16d 11h 53m
1. Build the Plane on the roof.

2. Get the Hells Retriever Tomahawk. To find this unique weapon, youll need to get the Feed the Beast Achievement.

3. Fly the Plane on the roof. After crashing into the bridge, use the electric chairs to your right to return to Alcatraz Island.

4. Go to the prison hallway down from the Wardens Office. One of the cells contains a blue and green Afterlife poster. Throw the Hells Retriever at the poster to burn it off.

5. Down the hall, use the electricity box to enter the Afterlife and enter a new portal just to the left, leading behind the poster cell. Down this path, theres a crack in the ground with a dead body holding a spoon. Shoot it with your primary lightning attack, and youll hear a mysterious laugh.

6. Find the six skulls. They can be spotted while in Purgatory, and can only be collected with the Hells Retriever.
  • Skull #1: Down the Gondola, look up past the Gondolas path to spot this skull on a tall yellow light.Skull #2: Nearby, look across the water for a small unreachable dock. The skull is located on the third wooden post from the right.Skull #3: Through an opening on the left side of the roof, you can see two corners of the prison in the distance. The closer corner is where the skull is hidden.Skull #4: Look out the window inside the Wardens Office to see a house outside. The skull can be grabbed from the houses roof, in the top left corner.Skull #5: Across from the library, theres a skull hidden behind a locked cell. Look for a cell with a regular visible skull and hook.Skull #6: At the far end of the cafeteria, look into the kitchen past the counter. Look on the left wall, the skull is hidden above a metal table.

7. Next, you have to complete the cycle two more times for a grand total of three (including your first trip). That means, you need to ride the plane to the bridge, use the electric chairs to return, then ride the plane to the bridge AGAIN and use the electric chairs AGAIN to return.

8. After three cycles are complete, travel into the Citadel Tunnels past the Showers. Down the stairs, youll remember the digital number display.

Input the codes in this order; 101, 872, 386, 481. The numbers will change and scramble after each successful input.

9. Collect the glowing lights. Floating lights will appear in a path, leading from the Citadel Tunnels up to the Roof. Each one will provide a secret audio history.

10. Board the plane with all your teammates and you in the Afterlife. That finally completes the Easter egg quest. Good luck...

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