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One of the Fastest 2TB PCI-E 4.0 M.2 NVMe SSDs for PS5 or PC Is On Sale Today

Amazon is currently offering the
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PCIe 4.0 NVME solid state drive (SSD) for only $139.99 shipped. That's one of the best prices we've seen for a 2TB PS5-compatible SSD from a reputable brand. It also happens to be one of the fastest PCI-E 4.0 SSDs on the market right now. This is an outstanding candidate for your PS5 or gaming PC rig.

SK Hynix P41 Platinum 2TB M.2 SSD for $139.99

SK Hynix might not be a brand that the consumer recognizes as much as Samsung or Western Digital, but make no mistake that they are a major player in the flash memory market. SK Hynix is a South Korean DRAM manufacturer and is the world's second-largest memory chipmaker and the world's third-largest semiconductor company. They supply components for brands you've heard of, like Corsair and G.Skill.

The Platinum P41 is SK Hynix's highest end SSD. It boasts sustained read speeds of 7,000MB/s and sustained write speeds of 6,500MB/s. It also boasts random read speeds of 1.4 million IOPS and random write speeds of 1.3 million IOPS. In terms of reliability and stability, the SSDs have been tested and validated through 1,000 hours of stress testing with MTBF reaching 1.5 million hours or up to 1,200TB written. SK Hynix backs it all up with a 5 year warranty. Unlike most other SSDs, both the chips and the controller are manufactured in-house. The P41 Platinum uses an Aries controller with 176-layer TLC NAND flash chips.

Of course, in terms of real world performance, the vast majority of users won't be able to tell apart the speeds between the highest end PCI-E 4.0 SSDs. Some of these SSDs include the
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, the
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, and the
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. Therefore, it all comes down to the price. At its current price point, the P41 Platinum isn't just one of the fastest drives on the market, it's also cheaper than any competitor that can come close to its performance.

A great PS5 SSD, but you'll need to get a heatsink

The SK Hynix P41 Platinum does not come equipped with a heatsink. That's because this SSD is catered to PC gamers looking to add storage to their desktop computer. Many motherboards come equipped with built-in SSD coolers and will only accept bare SSDs. It's generally harder to remove a heatsink than to apply a new one. If you plan to use this for your PS5, rest assured that' it is 100% compatible (in fact, it's overkill). Although some people have gotten away with an SSD with no heatsink, we recommend you install one for peace of mind. You can easily get a
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