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Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Interactive Map Is Live: Soma Petals, Damascus Ingot Locations, and More

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is a labyritnhine Metroidvania with a sprawling map crammed with upgrades like Soma Petals that expand your health bar, Damascus Ingots, those pesky little silver rectangles that are used to give your attacks more power, and many other collectibles that make your life easier as you explore the mysterious ancient kingdom filled with timey-wimey mystery.

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includes all the collectibles, major items, and upgrades and of course puzzle solutions to help you reach them. Here's what you can find in our map:

  • Soma Petal Locations - These are basically the "Heart Pieces" of Prince of Persia. Collect four to expand your life bar by one unit.
  • Damascus Ingot Locations - Trade these rare metallic tablets to the smith to improve your swords, bow, and Amulets -- along with lots of Time Crystals. Spend them at Kaheva the blacksmith in the Haven.
  • Xerxes Locations - An ancient coin that can be spent on amulets and upgrades in several locations including Kaheva the Blacksmith, the Scrappers Shop, and the Mage.
  • Shopkeeper Locations - As mentioned above, you'll need to find the places to spend all those rare Ingots and Xerxes!
  • Amulet Locations - Incredibly helpful buffs for the Prince.
  • Amulet Holder Locations - Hold... more Amulets!
  • Mystery Chest Puzzles - These tough puzzle rooms offer some of the best rewards. Here's a full guide to
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    as well.

The map also reveals all the hidden passages and breakable walls -- even impsassable areas that you will need to return to later. And return you will! To better help you track all of your doodads and upgrades, you can also check them off on the map as you find them using the Checklist Tool in each map marker pop up.

Oh, and if you want to leave a note for yourself to make your return trip more valuable? You can do that too. Just expand the menu and click on Notes.

If you are stuck on a boss or just don't know where to go next, check out the
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. Some of the bosses are really tough! But you can always use the map to go on a collecitbles run before your next challenge.

Samuel Claiborn is IGN's managing editor and a fixes/breaks ancient arcade and pinball machines in his garage. TCELES B HSUP to follow him
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on Twitter.

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