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The Best PS5 SSD Deals (December 2023)

2023 is finally the year where 2TB PS5 SSD upgrades are actually worth the price. Last year, prices for 1TB PS5 SSDs averaged around $150, whereas 2TB SSDs hovered closer to $300. This year, we're seeing 1TB SSDs trickle below the $70 price point and 2TB SSDs can drop to around $100 or sometimes even lower. Note that you can't use any old SSD and expect it to perform well on the PS5 console. You'll want to pick up a PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 solid-state drive with at least a 5,500MB/s read speed to match the PS5's internal drive.

TL;DR - The Best PS5 SSD Deals Right Now​

Note that Sony recommends a heatsink attached to your SSD and not all SSDs listed here have pre-installed heatsinks. For the ones that do, we'll be sure to mention it. For the ones that don't, all you have to do is purchase your own heatsink (
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) and install it yourself. For our top recommended picks for 2023, check out our full breakdown for the
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Crucial P5 Plus 2TB SSD with Heatsink for $109.99​

The Crucial P5 Plus meets all the requirements for your PS5 SSD upgrade. It supports transfer speeds of up to 6,660MB/s which is well above the 5,500MB/s minimum threshold. Yes there are faster SSDs out there, but if your intention is to put this in your PS5, then that extra speed is worthless because you're bottlenecked by the original PS5 SSD. If you're worried about opening up your PS5 case, don't worry it's very easy.
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Nextorage 2TB PS5 SSD with Heatsink for $116.99​

There's an interesting story behind this drive. Nextorage was actually originally created by Sony as an SSD division catered to the PS5 console. For whatever reason, Sony decided to ditch that idea and sold this business to another stakeholder in the company, Phison (they make memory controllers found in SSDs from Seagate, Corsair, Sabrent, and more). Phison eventually accomplished the goal of releasing an SSD catered specifically for the PS5 console in the form of this product right here.

Corsair MP600 PRO 2TB PS5 SSD with Heatsink $119.99​

Corsair is a very well known brand for DIY PC builders. Corsair makes some of the best gaming products on the market, and that includes solid-state memory like RAM and SSDs. The MP600 Pro is Corsair's fastest M.2 SSD and the "LPX" model is "optimized for PS5" because it includes a rugged preinstalled heatsink that is slim enough to fit in the PS5 bay without any issues. We like this RAM so much, we rated it the
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Silicon Power 2TB PS5 SSD with Heatsink for $124.99​

The Silicon Power XS70 SSD with a preinstalled robust aluminum heatsink costs $124.99. The aluminum heatsink is still slim enough to fit in the PS5 without obstruction. It boasts transfer speeds of up to 7300MB/s read and 6800MB/s write, comfortably faster than the 5500MB/s minimum recommended requirement. It actually performs a little better than the Crucial P5 Plus, the original WD Black SN850, and the Samsung 980 Pro, although that won't make a difference in your PS5.

Adata Legend Max 2TB PS5 SSD with Heatsink for $136.99​

The "Legend" is Adata's newest lineup of high-speed PS5-compatible SSDs, replacing the XPG Gammix S70 Blade and the Adata Premium. The "Max" in the name means that this model has a preinstalled heatsink that's slim enough to fit in the PS5 drive bay. This is one of the faster SSDs on the market with read speeds of up to 7400MBps and write speeds of up to 6800MBps.

WD Black SN850p 2TB PS5 SSD with Heatsink for $179.99​

WD is the only brand that sells an officially licensed PS5 SSD. The SN850P is physically the same SSD as the SN850X, which is the latest generation of WD's flagship Black series M.2 SSDs. The SN850P's upgrades over the SN850 include newer flash chips (BiCS5 vs BiCS4) and an updated firmware, both of which offer improved sequential and random read/write speeds. It's easily one of the fastest SSDs on the market.

Samsung 990 Pro 4TB PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 SSD for $299.99​

The Samsung 990 Pro is an excellent
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. From a purely performance perspective, it's overkill; the stock SSD in your PS5 will be the limiting factor. You'll want to pick up an PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 solid state drive with a rated 5,500MB/s read speed to match the PS5's internal drive and the 990 Pro is much faster. However, at the current price point, this SSD is cheaper than many slower options, so you might as well get it anyways.

What if the SSD Doesn't Include a Heatsink?​

Sony recommends you install an SSD that has an attached heatsink. If the SSD you purchase doesn't include one, it's simple enough to buy one for
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and add it yourself. Most of these heatsinks are just attached using an adhesive like thermal tape.

Budget to Best: PS5 SSDs​

There may be other SSD deals out there, but these are the
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we've tried ourselves and highly recommend. They also double up as outstanding boot drives for your gaming PC, in case you don't need additional storage for your PS5 console.

How To Install a New PS5 SSD​

It's extremely easy! Removing the case cover is completely toolless. In fact, the only screw you have to remove is the one that keeps the cover for the SSD bay in place. You don't even put it back when you're done. Sony has a quick and easy
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