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The Coolest Gadgets of CES 2024

CES 2024 has arrived and, as always, is filled with the coolest gadgets you can find that give us a glimpse of what the future just may be. However, it can be hard to keep track of
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, so we're here to gather the best of the best gadgets that you simply can't miss.

We'll also be updating this article throughout the show, so be sure to check back often to see what we've added!

So far, we have seen an adorable AI-powered robot companion named Ballie, a modern remake of the original Xbox S controller, a stunning 1440p 480Hz gaming monitor, and so much more. Check out our favorite gadgets below!

Meet Ballie, the Adorable AI-Powered Robot Companion

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Few may recall Ballie, the spherical robot introduced by Samsung at a previous CES. It's noteworthy that Samsung has resurrected this round robot, enhancing it with AI capabilities and incorporating a built-in projector.

In Samsung's CES announcements, Ballie is described as an "AI companion" for your home, adept at managing smart home tasks such as feeding your pet or adjusting room lighting. Amidst a plethora of AI-infused devices at the show, Ballie stands out with its integral projector. Samsung asserts in a press release that Ballie is the "world’s first projector to automatically detect people’s posture and facial angle and adjust the optimal projection angle" based on the circumstances.

In theory, this feature makes Ballie a convenient addition to your home, such as waking up and curious about the day's weather. However, the practicality of such a robot depends on whether Samsung reveals pricing and a release date. - Taylor Lyles, Reporter

MSI Claw Is Another Exciting Handheld Gaming PC on the Way

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Handheld gaming PCs may be nothing new, but ever since Valve released the Steam Deck nearly two years ago, the market of gaming PCs has become a hot ticket item for those looking to play their favorite PC games beyond the conventional way of using a gaming laptop.
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with the Claw, a Windows-powered handheld using an Intel Meteor Lake CPU. MSI is touting its battery performance, which makes Claw the most desirable handheld to buy, promising an "impressive 2-hour battery life under full workload conditions." - Taylor Lyles, Reporter

Asus ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDP Is a Stunning 1440p 480Hz Gaming Monitor

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when it announced an OLED 480Hz gaming monitor. But I was perplexed at the lack of pricing let alone an actual name. 480Hz gaming monitors is certainly new territory for the market. So it was no surprise that Asus announced today that it was also making a 1440p 480Hz gaming monitor called the
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There is no price, but Asus gave a “second half of 2024” release window for the PG27AQDP. - Taylor Lyles, Reporter

Asus ROG NUC 14 Enthusiast Is a Powerful Yet Tiny Gaming PC

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Intel’s NUCs (Next Unit of Computing) have always been these adorable little mini PCs, but Asus has turned that concept into a tiny gaming PC. The Asus ROG NUC 14 Enthusiast is a gaming NUC powered by the new Intel Core Ultra processors and either an Nvidia RTX 4060 or RTX 4070. Now, don’t get your hopes up too much, these are the mobile versions of the GPUs, but it’s still more than powerful enough to play through pretty much any game you throw at it. Couple that with how easy it is to fit into any setup no matter how space-constrained, and the Asus ROG NUC 14 Enthusiast has a ton of potential for fans of the best gaming PCs and mini PCs alike. - Jacqueline Thomas, Tech and Buying Guides Editor

Lenovo's ThinkBook 13x Gen 4 SPE Concept Has a Full 'E-Ink Prism' Screen on the Lid You Can Customize

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If you like stickering up your laptop but you don’t want to deal with it, well, actually putting stickers on it, Lenovo has you covered. At CES 2024, the company showed off a concept laptop that has an e-ink display on the top of the laptop. That means you can pretty much have the laptop showing off any image you want, whenever you want. Think about it: once you stick up a laptop, you’re stuck with how the laptop looks unless you want to go through the tiring process of scraping off each sticker. If this concept becomes an actual laptop, you can change the way your laptop looks at the press of a button, perfect for anyone who likes to customize the look of their tech. - Jacqueline Thomas, Tech and Buying Guides Editor

Hyperkin Excites With the DuchesS and Mega 95

Whenever Hyperkin comes to CES it always has a neat gadget or two up its sleeve. And this year did not disappoint, as the company announced DuchesS and Mega 95.

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The former is a remake of the Original Xbox S controller that works on Xbox One, Series X/S, and Windows 10/11 PCs. Most importantly, it features Hall Effect thumbsticks and Hall Effect impulse Triggers – with thumbstick drift a growing problem in the industry this will extend the controller’s lifespan significantly, while the impulse triggers will add more realism in action or first-person shooter games. Hyperkin did not give a release date or price in its press release, but the Hall effect thumbsticks and triggers plus that sleek design are worth the price of admission.

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The latter is a handheld that plays Sega Genesis and Mega Drive cartridges and looks like an oversized Genesis controller so same concept as Hyperkin’s SupaBoy handheld. The Mega 95 features a 5-inch screen with a button that can toggle between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. If you feel like playing it on a larger display, a USB-C dock includes TV output (though its resolution cannot go higher than 720p). Again, no price and release date for the Mega 95, but the announcement alone should have Sega Genesis fans rejoicing. – Taylor Lyles, Reporter

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