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Woot Has a Refurbished Xbox Series X Gaming Console for Only $299.99


Woot is currently offering a "Grade A Refurbished"
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gaming console for a mere $299.99. Amazon Prime members get free shipping, otherwise pay $5.99. This is definitely the best price we've seen for a current gen Xbox Series X console. Note that there is no manufacturer's warranty; instead you get a Woot 90-day warranty. Woot is owned by Amazon.

Refurbished Xbox Series X for $299.99

The Xbox Series X is a current generation system able to drive 4K games at up to a glorious 120fps. It is technically a more powerful system than the PS5 and games that are compatible with both consoles usually perform better on the Xbox console. Compared to the $300 Xbox Series S, the X features more powerful hardware to enable it to run games in 4K (the Xbox Series S runs games at 1440p). The Xbox Series X also has a disc drive that can play 4K Blu-ray movies and physical game media and 1TB of internal storage. Personally, I would choose a refurbished Xbox Series X over a brand new Xbox Series S for the same price.

More Xbox Deals:

Xbox Core Controller in Stellar Shift for $49.99

Today Best Buy is offering the official Xbox Series X|S Core wireless controller in the dazzling
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color scheme for only $49.99. That's almost 30% off the original $69.99 MSRP. Stellar Shift is a color-shifting, blue-purple pearlescent shimmer that, in my opinion, looks better than most of the other Xbox color schemes out there. It also features a rubberized purple swirl grip that has different pattern varations among each individual controller.

Xbox Core Controller in Black or Red for $44

If you're the conservative type and want to stick with the solid colors at an even lower price, Amazon is offering Microsoft Xbox Core Wireless Controller in Black or Pulse Red for only $44.

Xbox Series X Replica 8 Can Mini Fridge for $29.98

Walmart is once again offering the officially licensed
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, but this time at an exceptionally low price. Right now you can get it for a mere $29.98, which is easily the best price we've ever seen for this fridge (the previous low was closer to $50). $30 isn't a bad price for any mini fridge, especially since
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when it was first released back in 2021.

Check out more the
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